About G&B - Company Mission:

VGB Engineering Services provides engineering, consultancy and outsourcing services to the industry.

Company MissionTo continue to be known for delivering high quality mechanical engineering services to the global oil and gas, refining, chemical, power and other engineering industries.

Our aim is to grow year by year, by utilising our engineering expertise and technological innovation, to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions to the global industries of oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, power, process, pharmaceutical, food and manufacturing.

We want to be known for:
  • responding to our client’s requirements by applying innovative and advanced engineering methods,
  • delivering cost-effective solutions to our clients,
  • being honest and transparent internally and with the way we deal with our clients,
  • employing the best skilled personnel to create a high quality engineering team,
  • acting professionally and with integrity in all our relationships with clients, suppliers and employees alike,
  • respect our customers’ values from different regions and backgrounds.
  • minimising the impact on the environment arising from our design work,
  • making a valuable contribution to the market we serve,
  • And finally, we would like to be your valued engineering company.