G&B offers a wide range of engineering services to assist you in running your projects, optimising cost (without increasing your initial investment), whilst strictly adhering to the project delivery dates. The company’s specialised teams can assist you during the full design phase of your project.

The company uses the best and latest software and hardware in the market to ensure best results in your projects, and our QA department controls all the project’s tasks to avoid a badly resourced management. Our experience with the internal procedures could assist you with your effort of keeping your project cost controlled and on schedule.

The Company is located in UK, though via its partnership, also in Spain, USA and Mexico and thus, are well accustomed to operating internationally; consequently, our engineers are familiar with the different international standards, as well as with the internal codes of main industrial countries. G&B draws on this extensive expertise when undertaking international projects.

  • Piping & ductingPiping & ducting:

    With the extensive experience of its engineers and draughtsmen, G&B can provide full mechanical design and analysis of piping and ducting for all industrial plants.
  • Mechanical equipmentMechanical equipment:

    G&B can provide full mechanical design and analysis of any pressure containment equipment to most national and international codes.
  • Structural & civilStructural & civil:

    The company's expertise covers structural design and analysis of offshore and onshore structures, to most national and international codes. Being also familiar with the latest construction techniques, our engineers can provide full design services to cover foundations and earth retention structures.
  • Cost control & schedulingCost control & scheduling:

    G&B's engineers can assist you in developing effective measures for your project scheduling and cost control.
  • Finite Element AnalysisFinite Element Analysis:

    G&B has the capability and extended experience for providing a comprehensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services on piping, ducting, equipment, pressure vessels and structural components for any industrial plant application.