Business Areas

G&B can provide the best available knowledge in each of the industrial and business areas we cover. Our team has a wide experience in the mechanical design of plants and engineering projects.

We are located in different countries and we can work without any difficulty in projects anywhere in the world.

  • PowerPower:

    G&B´s engineers have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your power project execution.
  • Oil, gas & chemicalOil, gas & chemical:

    With its extensive knowledge and experience in this area, G&B engineering team can assist you with your project design.
  • IndustrialIndustrial:

    Our expertise well extends into the mechanical design of this industry and hence, could assist you in the your design of new and revamping plants.
  • Waste water & air pollution treatmentWaste water & air pollution treatment:

    G&B can offer its extended experience in the mechanical design of waste water and air pollution treatment plants.