Business Areas - Power

G&B can provide the best available knowledge in each of the industrial and business areas we cover. Our team has a wide experience in the design of plants and engineering projects. Within our group, our experience and expertise in innovation and design of new processes and technologies, can assist you with the success of your project work.

We are located in different countries and we can work without any difficulty in projects anywhere in the world.

PowerOur engineers have worked and gained experience on projects with different fuel sources e.g., coal, gas, nuclear and renewable energies. G&B could therefore provide you with broad mechanical engineering services.


Renewable Energy

renewable energyG&B, together with the expertise and know-how of our partners, can provide you with mechanical solutions on wind farm, biofuel, solar energy, biomass and biogas power plant design. These includes conceptual studies, detailed design and HSE.

  • Wind power (land & sea)
  • Solar energy
  • Biofuels
  • Biomass
  • Biogas

Non-renewable Energy

non-renewable energy

Our experience covers the mechanical full design of Cogeneration (CHP) plants and part design of large gas and nuclear power plants. These includes conceptual studies, detailed design and HSE.

  • Cogeneration - CHP (full ECP)
  • Gas CCPP (part design)
  • Nuclear plants (part design)